Star Citizen Drops Support for Windows 7 and Older GPUs

CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) have officially abolished support for Windows 7 and GPUs older than Nvidia’south GTX 700 through its release of Alpha 3.17, which requires DirectX 11.i to operate. The API volition modify before long become available. The game studio continues to switch Star Citizen to the new Gen12 rendering engine, and eventually to the Vulkan API.

Star Citizen has been a long time developing; in fact, the 700 series just launched, but CIG introduced back in 2013 the playable feature known as the Hangar Module. The scope of Star Citizen was greatly expanded since the start. To the bespeak where the Star Citizen customs started to telephone call information technology the “Star Engine” due to the sheer amount of features that were added to the engine.

The New Gen12 Renderer & Why Windows 7 Back up Stops With Alpha iii.17?

Gen X is what CIG snags its new game rendering architecture (and it shouldn’t exist dislocated with Direct 10 X 12. In layman’s terms Gen12 is intended to optimize the entire rendering pipeline within Star Citizen so that it’south more than operation-oriented.

During the CitizenCon2951 event, Gen12 was described every bit a more independent rendering architecture, allowing objects to communicate directly with the render pass responsible for it. This means that Gen 12 can be seen as a renderer with multiple pipelines. There are different rendering tasks that are entirely on their own.

This is a massive modify from the outdated “legacy rendering” arrangement that is notwithstanding being used today in Star Citizen, with CIG describing it as having a universal pipeline that all jobs and objects necessary to render an image must travel through. This is an individual’s inherent scarcity, which causes a long time delay.

The engine used for Star Citizen was Crytek’s Cry Engine, which was the same engine that powers the Crysis Serie. The new Microsoft Lumberyard engine was replaced by Star Citizen in 2015 to utilize the Amazon Lumberyard website and admission to the advanced networking tools that permit Lumberyard to develop.

Gen-12’south feature set will exist crucial to getting more costless gameplay in Star Citizen with CIG taking a break from streaming technology every bit role of the whole game. Suns and moons are the vast universes in the Universe and the universe is the emergence of new technologies for the gaming of the new planets and moons with Star Denizen engine – the latter in real-time, and is the development of entire systems – until the stop of the world will expand to a total solar system. It must be done with a stable frame charge per unit and without loading screens, which tin can also be achieved with Gen 12 and Vulkan, amongst others.

With Gen 12 it’s a very flexible development process; and then it’ll be very flexible, and best of all, it’ll give the engine a much better performance for multithreading. That isn’t even counting Star Citizen’south Vulkan API implementation coming later, thus extending Star Citizen’s multi-cadre capabilities.

The simply bad news with Gen 12 is that it will implement DirectX, which require the newer feature set – in instance Vulkan implementation is even so underway. One-fashion directx assist helped Windows 7 to secure the post-obit admission. Nevertheless, the consummate bundle is non supported every bit per the GTX 700 model or older, but information technology doesn’t apply for Windows. For play, y’all need a Maxwell course or Windows 8 or the newer version of this game.

This requirement merely has come upwardly at present since Alpha 3.17 is the get-go Star Citizen version to begin using Gen12. Previous patches remained based entirely on the legacy renderer which allowed people to use Windows 7 and older hardware.

Windows 7 supports might be returning.

The good news is that Microsoft back up might be coming back into the game erstwhile in the future thanks to Vulkan support. CIG is planning on ditching Microsoft’southward DirectX API entirely and replacing it with the Vulkan – which supports Windows vii. Nevertheless, Windows 7 isn’t the only 1 that tin can do good from the API change. CIG confirmed native Linux support will be coming to the game aswell, which should improve the performance a lot for the users who are running Star Denizen today by translating translation APIs such equally Proton or Vino.

And, every bit in Star Citizen development, we don’t know how long it volition accept. Nosotros know that Gen12 development is prioritised, and Vulkan evolution is non expected to do long before it has finished. Since Gen 12, the game is at present existence executed in the live version of the game, the get-go of the year should see Vulkan condign the normal part of the Star Citizen’south Alpha environment.