Rumors Of A Dockable Nest Hub Tablet Seem Confirmed By Android 13 Beta

Every time nosotros hear about Google facing some little struggle here or there — perchance that the Pixel 6, despite initial reports of strong sales, is facing an uphill boxing with carriers — it’s important to keep in mind that fifty-fifty a project every bit big as this is just a drib in the bucket when you consider all the company’s ventures. So it shouldn’t be whatsoever shock that despite some minor setbacks, Google’southward been doing incredibly well for itself, and this afternoon parent visitor Alphabet is announcing Q1 2022 revenues totaling $68 billion.


Google’s Nest Hub is a slap-up smart habitation command middle, simply it’s also a product that’s sorely in need of a little fresh blood. The original feels a bit laggy when navigating around its menus, and while we did go some updated hardware a trivial over a year ago, the addition of Sleep Sensing didn’t actually feel like a must-have characteristic worth upgrading for. Recent rumors have suggested that Google could be planning a bold new direction for the Hub, transforming it into a dockable tablet. With today’s release of Android 13 Beta 1, we go a couple bits of new evidence that add together back up for the theory that new Nest Hub’s hardware’south on the way.


By all accounts, Google’s kickoff smartwatch looks nearly gear up to debut. After years of uncertainty, speculation, and no shortage of rumors, it finally feels similar everything’s falling into identify, and while null’s even so official-official, the pace and quality of recent leaks could easily convince us that a Google I/O (or at least soon thereafter) launch is in the cards. Now maybe some of the strongest evidence to appointment for that theory has just arrived, as Google applies to trademark “Pixel Picket.”


Android xiii is very much still in development (as we wait non-so-patiently for Beta 1 to finally land) but fifty-fifty with its stable release all the same months off, pieces are already starting to autumn into place for further-out Android versions. One question we’ve been boot effectually for a while now concerns which dessert outset with the alphabetic character U might be chosen equally the evolution code proper noun for Android 14 — and it’southward not similar in that location are a ton of obvious U-names to choose from. Today we finally get our answer, with Android 14 set to go by the code name Upside Down Cake.


Android fans take been dreaming about the idea of a Google-made Pixel Lookout man for years upon years now, and while enough of those rumors have fizzled out, this year it’s looking increasingly likely that it’s actually going to happen — could we actually be about to encounter the all-time Android smartwatch however? Contempo testify has sure suggested that carriers may be preparing for the wearable’due south imminent arrival, and now the latest leak from Evan Blass squirts a little chip of extra fuel on that fire.

Custom ROM projects like LineageOS can be a fantastic way to give some other charter on life to an aging device, like we just saw with the positively ancient Nexus vii and its ability to run the brand-new Android 12L, all thanks to an unofficial build of LineageOS 19.1. You don’t take to wait for your manufacturer to drop support before y’all kickoff playing with custom ROMs, though, and they’re but equally good for trying out a more modern phone with some different software. That’s the boat we find ourselves in today, every bit we check out the new LineageOS 18.1 plans for a few relatively recent Motorola phones.

Change is an inevitable part of life, and for those of us who welcome Google products and services into our lives, nosotros sure get a lot of it. Then over again, only because Google has a addiction of killing things off doesn’t hateful it’s necessarily swift nearly information technology, and for literally years at present we’ve been reading the writing on the wall for Hangouts. Now every bit the push to Chat moves through its final phases, Google’s taking a big footstep towards putting Hangouts down for adept and delisting the app for both Android and iOS


Today’southward smartphone market place is goose egg short of savage. Over the past few years we’ve seen once-major players like HTC and LG shift focus to other products, and brands like Nokia take been bought and sold and so many times that they’re basically empty husks at this point, shadows of their former selves. Those players that remain are fighting over the few niches where there’southward still room to grow, and now more and more OEMs are pushing far past what we would previously consider a reasonable market ceiling. Samsung may be looking to woo shoppers with deep pockets by promising an innovative foldable experience, but for Sony this super-premium space is all about photography. Is it even possible to make a smartphone camera and so good that information technology’s worth the Sony Xperia Pro-I’south $1800 sticker price? For every bit much as I really like this phone, I’m still not convinced.

Google Maps users planning on running some Friday afternoon errands are hitting a little flake of a snag today, as a service disruption appears to exist causing multiple bug with Maps in regions all around the world.

Rumors Of A Dockable Nest Hub Tablet Seem Confirmed By Android 13 Beta

What’southward the best way to navigate your way around an Android device: gestures or buttons? Wars have been fought over less. As we’re testing the waters of today’s new Android xiii DP2 release, one upcoming change that’due south been uncovered reveals work towards yet another nav pick, in the course of a simplified button interface for children.


This calendar week has already been a huge one for Android users, betwixt the inflow of new betas, Feature Drops, and all the updates to software and services we’re learning about today. At that place’s a ton more waiting to exist shared, though, as Google tips u.s.a. off to new functionality for Nearby Share, Google Idiot box, Live Transcribe, and Android Auto.

With international tensions at the highest they’ve been in recent memory, so many of us turn to social media for upwardly-to-the-second news, analysis from trusted experts, and honestly just to observe some impaired memes to distract us for a few beatific moments. Unfortunately, that’southward proving slightly more than hard than normal this afternoon, as Twitter experiences a service suspension.


Charging your smartphone sure seems like it should be straightforward, right? Everything else being equal, the more power y’all tin can throw at the problem, the faster your handset should charge — a device supporting 150W input had certain better accuse a hell of a lot faster than ane with dinky old 10W support. At least, that all sounds perfectly logical, only some tests with the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 phones are not showing the improved speeds we’d expect from their 45W charging back up.


Android tablets never seem to get a lot of respect, between living in the shadow of Apple’s dominant iPads and competing with the endless array of convertible 2-in-1s running Windows or Chrome Bone. And now with the rise of foldables, information technology feels like these big-screen slates are increasingly an reconsideration. But even as interest has waned, Samsung’southward been stepping up to give tablet diehards some of their best options in years, and the Tab S7 series actually set up a high bar in 2020. Now it’due south our chance to see what the next generation can offer, and having spent a trivial time with the new Samsung Milky way Tab S8 models, I think information technology’due south safety to say that we’re definitely looking at a new high betoken — admitting i that doesn’t stray too far from its roots.


When Netflix shares news about its compatibility with various smartphones, it’south almost always playing catch-up. That’southward precisely what we saw a few days ago, when the company started advert support for Google’s Pixel 6 phones. But every once in a while Netflix flips the script, and ends up teasing how it’southward going to work with a new device before it’southward even been appear. That’south much more than the blazon of situation we find ourselves in this evening, every bit we run into Netflix getting ready to back up Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S22 series.


This year at CES nosotros didn’t stop up seeing a ton in the way of new phones, only in that location was still plenty of mobile activeness happening in the laptop infinite. That meant a bunch of new Chromebook models, and only considering CES is over doesn’t hateful the new releases take to cease. Today HP is pulling back the curtain on its latest range of mobile computers, including a couple new Fortis Chromebooks designed with the needs of students in mind.

It’southward a widely held belief that contest fuels innovation. When we’ve got multiple companies all trying to win our business, they’ve got to observe their own ways to stand out from the oversupply, and that can drive the evolution of exciting new technologies. At least, that’s the idea, but is there ever a point where we simply need to call it? Where we’ve had plenty friendly competition already, and wouldn’t it exist better for everyone involved if we could just agree on a winner? That’s pretty much where I am with Samsung correct now, and I’d honey nothing more than for the company to finish wasting time and attempt trying to replicate Google’due south superior software and services.


How long have you had your Gmail address? Longer than y’all’ve been at your task? Longer than your current human relationship? At this point, Google’s free electronic mail service is nothing less than an internet establishment. As we look frontward to seeing how it will continue to evolve over the next 20 years, we’re witnessing the Gmail Android app pass a significant milestone, as the Play Store tallies up ten billion installs.


Google’s At a Glance widget certainly lives up to its name, delivering useful info about scheduled events, travel plans, and more, all from your telephone’s abode screen. Beyond those useful reminders to guide you lot through your day, At a Glance can likewise help keep y’all safe by alerting you to dangerous atmospheric condition weather condition like astringent wintertime storms or flash floods. For some reason, though, the widget started warning users from all over the world about a storm in the Philippines.


The mod world’s evolved to embrace connectivity. We alive in cities, nosotros work in offices (or at least, we used to), and and then many of our interactions are driven past this urge to keep connecting with others. That’s absolutely true of our devices also, and for equally great equally a smartphone is on its own, it’south zippo compared to the role it tin can play in a greater ecosystem of connected wearables, computers, media systems, and fifty-fifty vehicles. Now at CES 2022 Google’s only talking nearly making all these connections stronger, more than feature-rich, and easier to prepare up.

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