System76 has fabricated Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS available to download.

The latest version of the flagship Linux distro from this US-based reckoner vendor is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. It inherits much of that release’s foundations, including the lift to GNOME 42, merely adds its own ‘Cosmic’ desktop experience and other embellishments.

In this post we item what’s new in Pop OS 22.04, show you some screenshots of its (starry) new look, and provide a link to download Pop OS 22.04 then y’all can try information technology out for yourself (and no: you don’t need to ain a System76 laptop or desktop to use it).

Pop Bone 22.04: New Features

The Pop!_OS 22.04 desktop

Pop Bone 22.04 retains the GNOME-based Catholic desktop experience. This provides a tranche of (optional) tiling options, a non-full screen app launcher, a searchable quick launcher, and vertically managed workspaces. These, with the exception of minor workspaces tweaks, are as featured in previous releases.

Merely there are “new” things to run across elsewhere.

New update schedule options
are now bachelor in the
Settings > Os Upgrade & Recovery
panel. Here Pop users tin dial down to schedule a specific date and time for their system to handle updates to repo, Flatpak, and Zilch software:

screenshot of os upgrade and recovery settings in pop os 22.04
Savour greater command over updates & upgrades

In a nod to Linux Mint, update notifications are now shown weekly by default. Those who want to see them sooner (or less ofttimes) can adjust the frequency. Update notifications don’t show at all if automated updates are enabled (though this setting isn’t default).

Pop OS 22.04 also introduces a
new ‘Support’ panel
in the
app. From here, ‘Popnauts’ can get aid with their system, detect links to community chat, submit support tickets to System76 (only on System76 hardware, of course), and generate log files to assistance with troubleshooting:

screenshot of support settings and pop shop in pop os 22.04
A new back up panel is included

Popular!_Shop, the distro’s default software director, now touts an ‘improved storefront’ able to showcase recently updated apps. The client also picks up notable backend code tweaks, improves the reliability of package operations, and gains responsive design tweaks to meliorate its appearance during tiling.

Other changes in Pop!_OS 22.04 include an
improved workspaces
view with HiDPI fixes, increased operation, and ‘better multi-monitor back up’; limiting the max capacity of the
log to 1GB; and following Ubuntu and GNOME by making RDP the default for Remote Desktop usage.

substance: Pop!_OS 22.04

Popular!_OS 22.04
defaults to PipeWire
for sound processing. Any software designed to work with PulseAudio is uniform with PipeWire. System76 say
“this change volition open upwardly the door for better sound quality, command, and customization going forward”.

newer Linux kernel
is provided than that institute in Ubuntu 22.04. System76 endeavour to issue new kernel versions as software updates more than oftentimes than Ubuntu does. At launch, Pop OS 22.04 includes Linux five.16, but Linux v.17 is expected to roll out in the coming months.

Finally, in a movement something gamers in particular volition appreciate, the
“System76 Scheduler optimizes performance by directing resource to the window in focus”
— squeamish!

Download Pop OS 22.04

screenshot of the workspace switcher in pop os 22.04
Workspace switcher in Pop Os 22.04

You can download Pop!_OS 22.04 from the System76 website. Two
images are provided: i for users with NVIDIA graphics hardware, and ane for Intel/AMD and anything else. Make sure you lot download the right one for your hardware to become the best possible feel.

Popular!_OS system requirements mandate a 64-bit processor, plus a minimum of 4GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Alternatively, it is possible to upgrade to Popular Bone 22.04 from 21.10 in-identify, directly, with no fresh install required. Come across the linked guide or refer to the System76 website for more details on how to upgrade safely.

Pop!_OS 22.04 Summary

  • New ‘Support’ department in Settings
  • More control over updates & upgrades
  • Linux Kernel 5.16 (at launch)
  • New System76 scheduler
  • Smoother Popular!_Shop
  • PipeWire as default audio handler
  • Improved Workspace view