Shot on iPhone XR: Existent-Earth Photos and Portraits With Depth Control From New York City

MacRumors traveled to New York City this calendar week to spend some time with the iPhone XR ahead of its release. While there, nosotros spent the day testing its camera and Portrait Mode with Depth Control with assistance from some volunteer New Yorkers.

Behind the scenes of shooting with the iPhone XR (not taken with iPhone XR)

The photos beneath were shot with the iPhone XR’southward default Photographic camera app on iOS 12, and are unedited beyond being resized for this gallery. For some photos, nosotros took advantage of standard features of the Photographic camera app, such every bit Depth Control and manually adjusting the exposure of photos by tapping on a focus point.

While the iPhone XR does not have a telephoto lens like the iPhone XS and XS Max, the single wide-angle lens captures an impressive amount of detail. And with Depth Control, Apple has taken Portrait Mode to a whole new level, resulting in photos of people that are comparable to those shot with a DSLR camera.

We’ll take more impressions about the iPhone XR cameras in the days to come, merely afterwards 1 day of testing, we can safely say that near people should be more than than happy with the quality of photos shot on this device.

iphone xr photo 6

iphone xr photo 1

iphone xr photo 3

iphone xr photo 2

iphone xr photo 8

iphone xr photo 14

iphone xr photo 13

iphone xr photo 9

iphone xr photo 10

iphone xr photo 5

iphone xr photo 4

iphone xr photo 7

iphone xr portraits 2

iphone xr portrait 3

iPhone XR launches tomorrow, Friday, Oct 26. Stay tuned to MacRumors for continued coverage of the device.

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