Occasionally, a single screenshot just isn’t enough. In some cases, it’south when you’re trying to send a juicy Twitter thread to your friends, relieve flight tickets as a PDF, or share an entire article. Other times, information technology can exist that yous’re showing your vlog followers how to apply a certain app.

Unfortunately, sharing multiple screenshots tin be troublesome. In some cases, we tin can transport them in the wrong order or need to sort through a lot of them to find what we need. Thankfully, yous can gear up this problem by taking scrolling screenshots on your iPhone.

With scrolling screenshots, you can take long screenshots of apps, web pages, or PDFs using your iPhone. A little different from taking regular screenshots on your iPhone, scrolling screenshots permit multiple screens’ worth of images or text appear in a single frame.

Scrolling screenshots can encompass everything from multiple screenshots stitched together to video recordings of your iPhone screen. From native iOS features or full webpage screenshots to third-political party apps, here are some means that you can accept scrolling screenshots on your iPhone today.

1. Brand a Screen Recording

Often times, when someone says scrolling screenshots, what they actually hateful is a screen recording. With screen recordings, yous tin share whatever it is that you see on your screen for equally long as you want.

To enable screen recording on your iPhone, go to
Settings > Control Center. Next, tap the
plus (+) button
next to
Screen Recording. Afterward, go to your
Control Center
and tap the
screen tape
push button.

Later on the three-second countdown, your iPhone will outset recording your screen. If you want to stop recording, simply tap the red condition bar at the top of your screen and select
Stop. Yous will find your recording saved in the Photos app.

By default, your iPhone volition tape internal audio, which includes arrangement sounds and notifications. Nevertheless, this will only work if yous enable your ringer. To do this, become to
Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Then, adjust the sound settings that you lot desire to retain in your recording.

Alternatively, you can also enable it to record your voice using your iPhone’due south built-in microphone, or an external one. To enable the microphone during a screen recording, simply tap the
Microphone Audio button at
the bottom of the screen while the screen is recording.

Lastly, y’all tin can also have both your microphone and ringer off to make a silent recording.

2. Accept Full-Page Screenshots

Working similarly to a normal single-page screenshot, a full-page screenshot captures the whole page, including the length that is commonly excluded from the screen.

To have a total-page screenshot, simply take a normal screenshot by pressing the
volume up
button and the
button simultaneously. Or, if your iPhone model has a Home push, printing both the
button and the
button at the aforementioned time.

Next, select
from the top of the screenshot options. Scroll through the page that you want to capture and elevate the highlighted box to let you select what areas you desire to capture.

This choice works in diverse Apple apps, like Safari.

3. Actuate Screenshots With AssistiveTouch

If you’re experiencing problems with your iPhone buttons, it is possible to make full-folio screenshots using AssistiveTouch every bit well. To activate AssistiveTouch, go to
Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch.

So, enable it by toggling on the
option. Afterward, you’ll encounter a white dot appear on your screen that you tin can touch and elevate to move around. With AssistiveTouch, you can already take a normal screenshot by but double-tapping the icon or tapping
Device > More > Screenshot.

Alternatively, you can customize the AssistiveTouch menu to make taking these screenshots easier. To fill up screenshots more accessible with AssistiveTouch, tap
Customize Superlative Level Menu
from the Accessibility settings.

Adjacent, select an icon of an action you lot want to replace or tap the
plus (+) button. And then, select
and add it to your meridian menu.

4. Sew Screenshots Together With 3rd-Party Apps

With third-party apps, yous can snap multiple screenshots and connect them together afterwards. Frequently, yous are given the option to stitch existing screenshots in your library or capture them automatically.

In add-on, some apps as well let yous choose where screenshots should start and stop. You can even save screenshots in a lossless format. Aside from stitching screenshots together, many third-party apps as well take additional features such every bit annotation, prototype management, and social sharing.

While many of these features already be in iOS natively, third-political party apps frequently offer custom settings that can make the experience meliorate.

For those times when a single screenshot won’t cover it, there are plenty of means to share scrolling ones. Using the methods above, yous never have to worry when sending screenshots in the wrong club and disruptive the person on the other side.

Now you can make use of scrolling screenshots for your vlog or social media posts. Through a scrolling screenshot, it’s piece of cake to show how to go from point A to point B.

How to Take an iPhone Screenshot Without the Habitation or Power Buttons

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