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How To Send A Large Video From Iphone

There is no doubt that saving large and long video files on iPhone tin speedily make it out of storage space. That’due south why it is better to transfer large videos from the iPhone to a computer in guild to free upwardly storage space. Or if y’all like to watch videos on the big screen of your reckoner rather than the iPhone small screen, and so the best thing you tin can do is to transfer them from the iPhone to the PC or Mac.

Now, the main concern is how to send a large video from iPhone to computer? Thankfully, there are now many methods available to transfer big video files from the iPhone to the computer. Here, in this post, we are going to prove you several ways to send long and large videos to Mac/PC from iPhone.

Beneath, we have listed five constructive methods to transfer a large video file from the iPhone to the calculator. You can choose the method equally per your preference.

  • Method one: iCareFone – Best iPhone Video Transfer Software
  • Method 2: Send Large Videos from iPhone Past E-mail
  • Method three: Send Big Videos to Computer from iPhone Using Windows Explorer
  • Method 4: Send Big Video File from iPhone to Computer using iCloud
  • Method v: Send Large Video from iPhone to Mac Using Photos App

Method 1: iCareFone – All-time iPhone Video Transfer Software

The first and well-nigh recommended a method to transfer a big size video file from the iPhone to the estimator is Tenorshare iCareFone. In fact, the software offers more convenient and super-fast iOS information management so that iOS users can manage, organize, and transfer files across different devices with ease. It let you lot transfer video irrespective of size from iPhone to PC/Mac with one-click of a button. As well videos, you can even transfer other files types, such as photos, messages, contacts, music, etc from your iPhone to computer.

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Here is the simple guide on how to send large video files from iPhone to PC/Mac with the assistance of Tenorshare iCareFone:

Step 1Download and install iCareFone from its official site on your calculator, and and then, run information technology. Next, connect your iPhone to the computer using a digital cable. In one case the software detects your device, choose the “Manage” tab from the software meridian menu.

tenorshare iCareFone

Footstep 2
Subsequently that, get to “Videos” file type, and here, select the video files yous desire to motility to your estimator from iPhone.

choose videos for transfer

Step three
Next, click on the “Export” push button and choose a destination location on your computer where yous want to save the selected video files.

transfer video to computer

That is it. It is quite handy to send large videos from iPhone using iCareFone. Later on the transfer, you can send the videos to a new iPhone or iPad from estimator via this transfer software easily.

Method 2: Send Large Videos from iPhone past Email

Another way to share or transfer large videos from the iPhone to the computer is by using an e-mail. There are many people who don’t know they can also send videos from their iPhone to computer likewise photos and texts. But, sending long and large videos from iPhone using email can accept a large amount of time, which means information technology is non a reliable way to send large videos. Also, it is recommended to compress video files to reduce its size, but this will reduce the video quality. If you are still interested in this method, then here are the steps on how to send big files from iPhone using electronic mail:

Stride oneTo start with, go to your iPhone “Photos” app and select the video file yous want to transport.

Step two
Side by side, cull the “Share” button, and and so, cull the “Email” option. Now, you will be navigated to your electronic mail ID.

send videos to computer via email

Footstep iiiNow. Enter your email address, and and so, click on the “Ship” button.

transfer videos via email

Once y’all are done with to a higher place steps, access your email from your calculator browser, and download the videos file from the email to your estimator.

Method 3: Send Large Videos to Computer from iPhone Using Windows Explorer

Don’t want to compress video files? Then, you can send multiple videos from iPhone to PC using Windows Explorer. Information technology is a simple even so constructive method when it comes to transferring data between device and computer. For this method, you need a USB cablevision to connect your device to a reckoner to ship desired video files. Besides, this method is but applicable to Windows users. Plus, y’all demand to accept iTunes installed on your computer to use this method.

Step aneTo brainstorm with, connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cablevision. Adjacent, click on “Windows” + “E” to launch the “Windows File Explorer”.

Step 2
Next, movement to “This PC/My Computer” to locate your iPhone.

Step 3
Thereafter, get to your iPhone internal storage, and locate the “DCIM” folder to select the video files. Adjacent, simply re-create and paste the selected files to your computer.

transfer iPhone videos using Windows Explorer

Method 4: Send Big Video File from iPhone to Calculator Using iCloud

Some other recommended way to send large size video files from the iPhone to the computer is iCloud. It is the virtually popular method to sync iOS files beyond different devices. iCloud provides iCloud Photo Library that y’all tin use to upload and download your desired videos files or other media type to the figurer. However, this method requires a stable internet connectedness to piece of work.

On iPhone:

Stride 1
To brainstorm with, movement to “Settings” > your name > “iCloud” > “Photos”. If your iPhone is running with iOS x or earlier, then movement to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Photos & Camera”.

Footstep ii
Now, here enable “iCloud Photo/ iCloud Photo Library” pick.

enable icloud photo

On Windows:

Step 1Download and install iCloud for Windows, and log-in with your Apple ID and passcode you are using on your iPhone.

Step 2After that, move to “Photos”>”Options”.

check icloud photo on windows

Step 3
Next, bank check “iCloud Photo Library”, and tap on “Washed” push button.

photo options in icloud for Windows

Now, your iPhone videos volition be synced to iCloud automatically while you are using a reliable internet connection. After that, you tin can go to “iCloud Photos” on your computer, so, download the desired videos to your calculator.

download videos to pc

On Mac:

Step aneGo to “System Preferences”, and and so, move to “iCloud”.

Pace 2Side by side, move to “Options”, and turn on “iCloud Photograph Library” option.

enable icloud photo on mac

Step 3Finally, run the Photos app to view the synced videos.

Method v: Transport Large Video from iPhone to Mac Using Photos App

The concluding but not the least way to send big video files from iPhone to Mac is Photos App. With this app, y’all tin import your iPhone videos to your Mac computer. Here are the steps on how to send big video files from iPhone to Mac with Photos App

Step 1
Run the Photos app on your Mac, and then, connect your iPhone to the calculator using a digital cable.

Step 2
Next, tap on “Import”, and so, choose the videos from your iPhone.

Step 3
After that, tap on “Import Ten Selected” to movement the selected video files from your iPhone to the computer.

import selected files to mac

Wrapping Upwards

That’s how to send a large video from the iPhone to the PC or Mac. Here, we have covered every possible style to transfer long and large videos from the iPhone to the reckoner. Simply, nosotros highly recommended iPhone Video Transfer tool iCareFone as it is easiest, and take no special requirements, unlike other methods to transfer large files from iPhone to the computer.

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