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How Long To Transfer Data To New Iphone 12

Case: Transferring data to new iPhone 13 pro. It looks like its complete but the erstwhile phone seems to be stuck on 1 more than infinitesimal until its stop. If I try and exit the message asks to stop transfer.”

— From Apple Community

The newly-launched iPhone xiii has gained significant traction due to a myriad of unique features. Soon after ownership it, the users have to transfer data from sometime iPhone to the new iPhone 13. But it can be very frustrating if the iPhone information transfer stuck on “fourth dimension remaining nearly one infinitesimal”. This outcome has already bellyaching many users who are looking for easy solutions to go rid of it.

That’s why nosotros have done a comprehensive research and come up with a number of methods to help iPhone 13 users troubleshoot. Permit’s find out.

  • Office 1: Why My iPhone Stuck on 1 Minute Remaining When Transferring to iPhone thirteen?
  • Part 2: How to Set iPhone 13 Data Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining nearly ane Minute?
  • Function 3: The Best Alternative to Transfer Data to iPhone thirteen When iPhone Transfer Stuck

Part i: Why My iPhone Stuck on one Minute Remaining When Transferring to iPhone thirteen?

Honestly speaking, iPhone transfer stuck result is relatively new and we are yet to identify its verbal causes. But iPhone technicians believe that the below reasons may pb to “my transfer is stuck on i more minute”:

  • Poor internet connectedness
  • Small-scale bugs
  • Issues in organisation software
  • The information you’re transferring is too big

Part 2: How to Ready iPhone thirteen Data Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining most 1 Minute?

The proficient news is that regardless of the reason, this issue can be solved using the iv methods beneath. Y’all need to implement them one-past-one and check if iPhone data transfer stuck error persists.

Ready #one. Merely Wait for a While

If your internet connection is weak or for whatsoever other minor causes, your iPhone may take longer to complete the information transfer and y’all may perceive it as phone stuck transferring at 1 minute mistake. Then, you need to expect for a few minutes to let the process complete. Many a fourth dimension, your new device need some extra minutes to restore fill-in information. So, wait for at least 15-20 minutes if it shows 1-minute remaining on the screen.

Ready #2. Check If All Content Has Been Transferred to iPhone 13

Many users have likewise reported that even when all the data is already transferred, iPhone xiii withal shows transferring data about 1 minute remaining. You can check any gallery, music, or WhatsApp data, etc. to ostend if all the data has already been restored.

If it’southward transferred, and then cancel the process or forcefulness restart your device and offset using it.

Fix #iii. Change to Use a Wired Connection and Transfer Again

Every bit mentioned earlier, this issue could arise due to weak or compromised cyberspace connectedness. In such a scenario, you tin can employ shift to wired method to transfer the data. To do that:

  • Beginning of all, you need to go a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and a Lightning to USB Cablevision.
  • After that, connect the Camera Adapter to a ability connectedness of 12 Watts or college using its Lightning port.
  • Now, connect your existing iPhone 13 to Lightning to USB 3 Photographic camera Adapter.
  • So, plug in one cease of the Lightning to USB Cable to your new iPhone xiii and the other one to the adapter.
  • When the assembly is prepared, turn on your new iPhone and place it near to the existing telephone.
  • You will meet a Quick Kickoff screen on your erstwhile or existing iPhone and shows you an option of using Apple tree ID to setup the new iPhone. Select the ID and hit on Go on.
  • Then, an animation will appear on the new iPhone xiii and wait until y’all run across the message “Finish on New iPhone 13.”
  • Then follow the onscreen instructions to setup Touch ID or Confront ID on new iPhone.
  • Finally, hit on Transfer from Device to start transferring data from the previous iPhone to the new iPhone xiii.

Set #4. Manufacturing plant Reset iPhone 13 and Restore course iCloud Backup

If your phone is nevertheless stuck, then factory reset is a viable choice then restore from iCloud backup while setting information technology upward every bit a new device. To do that:

  • Get to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, and so hit on Continue on pop-upwards window to confirm the activeness.
  • Your iPhone will undergo manufactory reset. Wait patiently until the process is completed.
  • At present, follow the screen guidelines to attain the Apps and Data screen. Here, striking on Restore from iCloud Backup and enter password of your Apple ID.


  • Then, select “Cull backup” option and choose the latest backup from the bachelor list of backups.
  • Your iPhone thirteen will restore the fill-in in a few minutes.

Ready #5. Transfer Data to iPhone 13 Using iTunes or Finder

It is a unproblematic yet highly reliable method to transfer backup data to a new iPhone thirteen. To do that:

  • Switch on your new iPhone 13 and follow the on-screen steps until you reach the Apps & Information screen.
  • Hither, tap on Restore from Mac or PC and then connect information technology to a computer on which you take backup of previous phone.
  • Then, launch iTunes of Finder and striking on Restore Fill-in choice and choose the latest backup from the displayed list.
    • Restore from iTunes Backup on Windows:
    • Restore from Finder Backup on Mac:
  • Now, wait until the process is completed.

Part iii: The All-time Alternative to Transfer Data to iPhone 13 When iPhone Transfer Stuck

Information technology is equally possible that none of the above mementioned methods produce the desire results and your iPhone 13 is yet stuck on transferring data screen. Also, you tin can avoid facing this outcome in the first place by using a reliable 3rd-party software to transfer information between iPhones. And when information technology comes to that, Tenorshare iCareFone has no match. This powerful software is designed to help iPhone users transfer restore backups in just a few minutes.

Unlike using iCloud, iTunes, or other such platforms, iCareFone offers a simple and straightforward process to restore old backups to a new iPhone 13/12. What’due south more than, it too allows users to fill-in their iPhone using free version.

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At present, to restore an old backup to your iPhone 13, follow the beneath steps:

  • Subsequently installing iCareFone on your computer, launch it and connect your iPhone xiii to it. Once your iPhone is detected, hit on “Backup & Restore” option from the front tab.


    On the next interface, hitting on “To view or restore previous backup files” selection at the bottom left corner of the screen. The program volition show all the backups stored on your figurer.

  • At present select the latest backup (or the one yous want) and iCareFone volition display the files stored on it
  • Finally, select the files you want to restore and select either Export to Computer or Restore to Device pick.


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A Video Tutorial: How to Gear up iPhone Information Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining about 1 Minute?


Hopefully, this tutorial will help yous learn some proven ways to go rid of iphone information transfer stuck on time remaining about 1 minute issue. All these methods have high success rate in solving this stuck error. But it’southward recommended to use Tenorshare iCareFone to avoid getting trapped in this state of affairs in the starting time place. This multi-feature tool allows free backup feature to the users and they can restore whatsoever backup with just a few clicks.

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