If you take an iPhone with a notch, you’ll have noticed that the battery level indicator in the top-right corner of the screen doesn’t show the actual percentage of battery that’s left.

With older iPhones that feature no notch, Apple tree includes an option within settings to toggle the percentage on or off, simply if your ‌iPhone‌ has a notch, in that location’s no setting that volition enable it.

Fortunately, at that place are a few ways y’all tin all the same keep tabs on the battery percentage of a newer ‌iPhone‌ that nosotros’ve outlined below. Keep reading to acquire how they piece of work.

1. Invoke Control Heart

The easiest way to check the percentage level of your ‌iPhone‌’s battery is to swipe downward from the acme-correct corner of the screen to open up Command Middle. You’ll immediately run across the percentage shown side by side to the battery icon in the top-right.

control center

You don’t even need to open Command Eye fully to bring up the percentage. A small, quick elevate diagonally down from the pinnacle-right corner of your ‌iPhone‌ screen will reveal it, and removing your finger from the screen will take you back to the Dwelling Screen.

2. Open Today View

You can too check the battery per centum of your ‌iPhone‌ by‌‌ using the Batteries widget in the Today View, accessed by swiping right on the Lock screen or on your Habitation screen’southward showtime screen of apps.


If you lot don’t have information technology installed already, you can add the Batteries widget manually. To do then, enter the Today view, coil to the bottom of the column of widgets and press the
button. Tap the
(+) push button in the top-left corner of the screen to open the Widget Gallery, then enter “Batteries” in the search field or scroll downward and select the
widget from the list.


If you lot don’t have whatever Apple tree accessories paired with your ‌iPhone‌, the first foursquare widget will display the battery percentage. If yous have an Apple tree Watch or AirPods though, you won’t run into the per centum unless you select the second or third widget style. Swipe to the widget that works for you, then tap
Add Widget
to add information technology to the Today View.

3. Add together a Battery Widget to Your Domicile Screen

If y’all want to be able to see the battery percentage of your ‌iPhone‌ when information technology’s unlocked and on the ‌Home Screen‌, add a battery widget to it.

To do so, long press on a bare expanse of the ‌‌Home Screen‌‌ or any additional screen of apps to enter jiggle mode. Tap the
(+) button in the superlative-left corner of the screen to open the Widget Gallery, then enter “Batteries” in the search field or curl downwardly and select the
widget from the list.


If y’all don’t have any Apple accessories paired with your ‌iPhone‌, the first square widget volition brandish the battery percentage. If yous have an Apple tree Watch or AirPods though, you won’t see the percentage unless yous select the second or third widget style. Swipe to the widget that works for you, and so tap
Add Widget
to add information technology to your ‌Home Screen‌.

4. Ask Siri

If you’re a fan of Siri, you can ever ask the virtual assistant “How is the battery life of my ‌‌iPhone‌?” or fifty-fifty “How’s my battery?” and you lot should go an answer.


Acme tip: Y’all can besides ask ‌Siri‌ this question of any Apple tree accessories you’re using, such as Apple Lookout or AirPods.

5. Plug in your iPhone

Anytime your ‌iPhone‌ is plugged in and charging, you lot’ll see the bombardment percentage automatically displayed on the Lock Screen, just below the time.
Lock Screen

Interested in extending the lifespan of your ‌iPhone‌’s battery? Apple tree includes an option in its Battery Health settings called “Optimized Battery Charging” that learns from your personal device habits and waits to cease charging all the way upward until yous need your ‌‌iPhone‌‌. To learn more virtually the characteristic, bank check out our defended tutorial.

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