How Do I Turn Off My Iphone 11

The fashion you turn off or restart your iPhone X, iPhone 11, and 12 has changed from earlier iPhones. But, in that location are multiple easy ways to do it and nosotros’ll show y’all how.

If y’all accept an iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12, in that location’s a new way to turn off your phone. On older iPhones, you would press and hold the Side (Power) push button until you lot saw the Slide to Ability Off option to turn off the telephone. Now, pressing and property the Side button on an iPhone X or iPhone 11 activates Siri.

You can still employ a button sequence to turn off your iPhone, and we’ll show you an option for turning off your iPhone without using the buttons. We’ll also prove yous a few methods for restarting your iPhone.

Turn Off Your iPhone Using the Buttons

In that location are two ways you tin can turn off your iPhone X or iPhone eleven using the buttons.

One method is to press and hold either the
Volume Up
button or the
Book Downwards
button and the
push button simultaneously until you see the
Slide to Ability Off

Quickly pressing the
Book Upwardly
push and the Side button takes a screenshot instead of showing the Slide to Power Off slider.

Alternatively, y’all can quickly press the
Volume Up
button followed by the
Volume Down
button and and then press and hold the
button to access the
Slide to Power Off
slider. When using this method, the
slider doesn’t display. If you’re nervous about accidentally triggering a 911 call, you lot tin can use this method.

Press and hold Volume Up and Side button on iPhone

After using either of the push button sequences, drag the
Slide to Power Off
slider to the right.

If y’all cancel either method using the
button at the lesser, y’all’ll accept to enter your passcode to access your phone.

Turn Off Your iPhone in Settings

If you’re not comfortable using the buttons to plow off your iPhone, you tin can do and so in Settings.

On the Home screen, tap

Tap Settings on iPhone Home screen

On the
screen, tap

Tap General in iPhone Settings

Shut Down
at the bottom of the

Tap Shut Down in iPhone Settings

Then, elevate the
Slide to Power Off
slider to the correct to turn off your iPhone.

Turn On Your iPhone

Turning your iPhone back on hasn’t changed. Press and hold the
push button until you lot encounter the Apple logo on the screen.

Restart Your iPhone Using the Buttons

If you need to restart your iPhone rather than turn information technology off, you have a few options.

Restarting your iPhone using the buttons is similar to the second method of turning information technology off discussed above.

First, quickly press the
Volume Upwards
push button once.

Press iPhone Volume Up button

Then, chop-chop press the
Volume Down
button once.

Press iPhone Volume Down button

Press and concur the
push and go along holding it down even when yous see the
Slide to Power Off
slider. Continue holding the
push button down until you see the Apple logo.

Press and hold Side button on iPhone

When using this method, be careful. If you don’t first press the
Volume Up
button, and so the
Book Down
push button before pressing and holding the
button, yous could activate the SOS characteristic and automatically dial emergency services.

Restart Your iPhone Using AssistiveTouch

There are other options for restarting your iPhone if you’re uncomfortable with the button method.

AssistiveTouch is a useful iPhone Accessibility characteristic that allows yous to perform many tasks without using the buttons on the telephone, including restarting your phone. It’due south not enabled by default.

To enable AssistiveTouch, become to the
app and tap

Tap Accessibility in iPhone Settings

And then, tap
Bear upon
on the

Tap Touch in iPhone Accessibility

On the
Touch on
screen, tap

Tap AssistiveTouch in iPhone Accessibility Settings

To enable AssistiveTouch, tap the
slider push and so it turns green.

And then, you demand to add the
option to the AssistiveTouch card. Tap
Customize Superlative Level Menu.

Turn on AssistiveTouch in iPhone Settings

Tap any of the options on the
Customize Summit Level Menu
screen. Yous tin supplant any option with the Restart option. Y’all tin can too add more than icons to the menu using the plus and minus buttons.

Tap a menu button in AssistiveTouch

Roll through the list and tap
to select information technology. Then, tap

Select Restart as an AssistiveTouch option

To restart your iPhone, tap the AssistiveTouch push on your Abode screen and tap

Restart iPhone using AssistiveTouch

On the confirmation dialog that displays, tap

Tap Restart to confirm

Restart Your iPhone Using Voice Control

Starting with iOS 13, you can now restart your iPhone completely easily-free using Voice Control, another Accessibility feature.

If you’ve never used Phonation Command, you need to set it up and enable it. Don’t worry; it’s easy.

Go to
and tap
Accessibility. Then, tap
Voice Control.

Tap Voice Control in iPhone Accessibility Settings

On the
Voice Control
screen, tap
Gear up Up Vox Control.

Tap Set Up Voice Control

You’ll run into a screen telling you lot what you lot tin do with Vocalization Command.


Tap Continue on iPhone Voice Control screen

The adjacent screen gives yous examples of what you can say using Voice Control. You can scroll through the list to get an idea of how you can employ Voice Control.


Tap Done on What Can I Say? screen

When Voice Command is enabled, you’ll meet a bluish and white microphone icon in the screen’south upper-left corner past the fourth dimension.

Once yous’ve set up upwards Phonation Command, you tin enable it using Siri. Say, “Hey Siri,” and so say, “Turn on Voice Control.” So, you lot can use the “Reboot Device” command with Voice Control and tap

iPhone Voice Control enabled

To reboot your iPhone using Voice Control, say “Reboot Device.” Then, tap
on the confirmation dialog that displays.

Confirm restart of iPhone

That’s it. Now you lot know all the ways you tin close downward or restart your iPhone 10 or above.

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