One of the many things iPhone and iPad users love about their devices is the video quality. Newer models come to par with some professional filmmaking tools; you’ll see a lot of videos past content creators on sites similar YouTube to exist captured by mere iPhones.

While iPhones are great filmmaking tools, 1 major downside is that they lack the ability to break and resume videos at will. However, you lot can work your way around this limitation past downloading third-party apps or using other iPhone features, similar Photos slideshow.

Nosotros’ll show you how to apply each of those workarounds below.

How to Use PauseCam to Suspension an iPhone Video Recording

Being able to pause and resume video recording anytime allows you to capture many dissimilar scenes in a single continuous video. It’s besides useful when you need to capture a specific shot but don’t want to waste too much storage space by keeping the video running.

As of 2022, the power to pause and resume recording while shooting a video is all the same unavailable on iPhones. You can merely pause a recording by hitting the end button to cease recording altogether and brainstorm a new one—such a tiresome task.

While Apple tree has nonetheless to add the feature to post-obit updates, you lot can endeavour third-party apps to assist solve your problems in the concurrently. While there are other available apps for this purpose, we’ll exist focusing on an app called PauseCam.

PauseCam is a pop video recording app for iPhone users looking for a mode to pause and resume video recording on their devices.

Note that the video quality may be less than if yous’re going to utilise the iPhone’s Camera app to record your video. Moreover, since this is a 3rd-party app, you’ll probable come across a lot of ads—unless you lot make up one’s mind to buy an upgrade that removes all of those for you lot.

If you’re ready to go, hither’s what you demand to do:

  1. Download PauseCam from the App Shop.
  2. Open the app, then tap
    Enable Photographic camera
    Enable Microphone
    and follow onscreen instructions to grant it access to your device’s mic and camera.
  3. Commencement recording by borer the large, red
  4. Tap the
    button at the bottom of the screen to pause your recording at any fourth dimension. Once you’re done, tap the
    icon in the top right to end recording altogether.
  5. You’ll be shown a preview of your video recording. Tap the
    button and you’ll be asked to select the video quality. The app only allows
    quality for users on the free plan. Unlocking
    Loftier, and
    video qualities requires a $one.99 in-app purchase.
  6. Select how y’all desire to salve your video file—tap
    to salvage it to your library or
    to view other options. You lot tin also opt to share it direct to

PauseCam (Gratis, in-app purchases available)

The app has other useful features. You can upload videos from your photo library and edit them with the app’s cutting or trimming tools. PauseCam also has filters that you can utilize. And it supports various social media sites, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and cloud services like Evernote and Dropbox, for easy uploading and downloading.

Alternative Methods to Break Your iPhone Video Recording

Aside from PauseCam, you tin can use other apps like VideoCam+ or ProMovie Recorder. Yet, if yous don’t want to download 3rd-political party apps, you can have carve up video clips and merge them into a single video using iMovie.

Alternatively, transform these clips into customized Memories on your iPhone.

A Big Limitation of iPhone Videos

iPhones have come a long manner and adopted many features since the offset release. For any reason, though, they still don’t have the basic functionality of allowing you lot to intermission a video recording and option back where yous left off without creating two separate files. Until that happens, we’ll need to rely on third-party apps like PauseCam.

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