The thing that’s ever been fun about the Evil Dead franchise is its mixture of gory horror and over-the-top ass-boot. The demonic Deadites that protagonist Ash Williams faces tin can exist terrifying, fully capable of taking over characters’ bodies and ripping people apart–only Ash is a guy who has a boomstick in one hand and a prosthetic chainsaw in place of the other.

The intrinsic fact of Evil Expressionless, that both the monsters and the humans who fight them are capable killers, creates an interesting challenge for turning the franchise into an asymetrical multiplayer horror game in Evil Dead: The Game. In a lot of other, similar games, a group of players faces off against a single human opponent who plays a frightfully powerful killer. The survivor squad is by and large trying to flee and stay live, while the killer player is hunting them down. The survivor team’s strengths lie in numbers, strategy, and hiding, but they often don’t have much in the way of ability to wage war against their assaulter.

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Evil Expressionless: The Game Captures The Horror And Humor Of Chainsawing Deadites