$200k DreamHack Summer LAN ft Fortnite Battle Royale & Zero Build: Play in both tournaments with one ticket


Updated competitive gaming news and manufactures

Updated competitive gaming news and manufactures

Fortnite: Team Zemie Defeats Team Tfue in Twitch Rivals Nix Build Showdown II

Fortnite FNCS

Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season two: NA East Duos to Watch For

How to Watch FNCS

Fortnite: How to Watch FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 & Earn Twitch Drops

Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite: Epic Removes Fire Consequence, About Cars Ahead of FNCS C3:S2

Fortnite Star Wars Lightsaber

Fortnite Star Wars Lightsaber Pickaxes Potentially Leaked

Fortnite Crew May 2022

Fortnite: Southpaw Joins Fortnite Crew in May 2022

Fortnite x Street Fighter Introduces Sakura & Blanka

Fortnite Hotfix v20.20

Fortnite Hotfix v20.20: Boxing for Rocky Reels, the LMG Returns

Pro Fortnite player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf holds a trophy and smiles after his victory at the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite’s Top Players Are Unhappy With the Game’s State

Fortnite Zero Build

Fortnite: Twitch Rivals to Host Second $300K Nothing Build Tournament

Star Wars Fortnite Return

Fortnite: Lightsabers Rumored to Return for Star Wars Day

Fortnite Emicida

Fortnite: Soundwave Series to Feature Brazilian Artist Emicida

Man City Esports Signs Skram

Fortnite: Man City Esports Signs Skram to Roster

Fortnite ten Wu-Tang Clan Collab Launches April 23

The Complexity Stars logo appears against an industrial wall

Complexity Gaming Welcomes Soccer Star Chicharito to “Stars” Division

Fortnite NRG Champions

Fortnite: Team Brazil Wins NRG Champions Evidence Over Clix & Deyy

Fortnite $3M FNCS

Fortnite: $3M FNCS Chapter 3 Season two – Everything You Demand to Know

How to Unlock Prowler

Fortnite: How to Unlock Prowler in Chapter 3 Season two

Fortnite Patch v20.20

Fortnite Patch v20.20: New Ranger Shotgun, Battle of Coney Crossroads & More

NRG Champions Show logo

Fortnite: How to Watch the NRG Champions Bear witness

Fortnite Become Legends

Fortnite: Become Legends Reveal Real-Life FNCS Axe of Champions

Fortnite x Coachella

Fortnite x Coachella Presents Festival-Themed Skins & More

Fortnite Hotfix v20.10

Fortnite Hotfix v20.10: Condo Canyon Battle, Easter Celebration & More than

Ludwig Partners with Ballsy Games for $100K Fortnite Mondays

Fortnite Darth Vadar

Fortnite: Darth Vader, Indiana Jones Confirmed for Chapter 3 Season 3


$116K Fortnite PlayStation Cup: Zero Build, Format, Scoring System

Fortnite: Darth Vader, Doom, Family unit Guy Teased During UE5 Stream

Fortnite Null Build Trials: Complete Challenges to Earn Free Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season two: How to Unlock Boxing Laissez passer Super Styles

Fortnite Naught Build FNCS a Existent Possibility, Should it be?

Fortnite Patch v20.10

Fortnite Patch v20.ten: Daily Bugle Boxing, Heavy Sniper Returns & More

Ludwig Mondays Tournament

Fortnite: How to Sentinel Ludwig Mondays Tournament

Epic Games Ukraine

Fortnite: Ballsy Games & Xbox Raise $144 Million for Ukraine in 14 Days

A bunch of Xbox controllers appear with each other on a blue background with the Fortnite logo in the top corner.

Fortnite: The Mero Cronus Zen Drama Explained

Fortnite Zero Build

Fortnite: Team Tfue Wins $100K Twitch Rivals Zero Build

Fortnite Zero Build

Fortnite: How to Win Nothing Build Matches Consistently

Season 2 Tournament Schedule

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Consummate Tournament Schedule

Fortnite Building Returns

Fortnite: Building Returns to Public Matches

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022: Trials, Fortography & More

Fortnite C3S2 competitive update

Fortnite C3S2 Competitive Update: Zero Build, FNCS & More

Fortnite Weapon Changes

Fortnite: Weapon Changes, Removal of Tanks From Competitive

Fortnite Twitch Rivals

Fortnite Twitch Rivals $450K Zilch Build Tournament: Everything you Demand to Know

Fortnite Anvil Rocket Launcher

Fortnite: How to get the Anvil Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Hotfix 20.00

Fortnite Hotfix 20.00: Nothing Build Mode, Anvil Rocket Launcher & More

The Marvel hero, Moon Knight

Fortnite x Moon Knight Collab Coming Soon?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance

Fortnite Chapter iii Flavor 2: Best Landing Spots

Ludwig Ahgren appears beside the YouTube Gaming logo in a promotional shoot for his new channel

YouTuber Ludwig Announces Streamer-Only Fortnite Mondays Tournament

Sayara Fortnite Crew

Sayara Revealed as April Fortnite Crew Sectional

Fortnite characters including The Foundation and Spider man, assemble for battle infront of the Fortnite logo

Fortnite: Best Weapons in Affiliate three Season ii

You Tin can Now Scout Rocket League RLCS Matches in Fortnite

Fortnite Leaks

Fortnite Leaks, Returning Weapons, Permanent No-Build Style

Fortnite Chloe Kim Cup

Fortnite Chloe Kim Cup: No Edifice, Free Peel, Format & More

Chloe Kim Fortnite

Fortnite: Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim to Join Icon Series March 26

Content Creators Concur, Fortnite’s No-Build Gimmick is Fun & Refreshing

Fortnite Mythic Exotic Weapon

Fortnite: Where to Discover Every Mythic & Exotic Weapon

Fortnite NPC Locations

Fortnite Chapter 3 Flavour two: All NPC Locations

Epic Games Ukraine

Fortnite: Epic Games Raised $36 Million in One Solar day for Ukraine

How to Tactical Sprint Fortnite

Fortnite Affiliate iii Flavour 2: How to Tactical Sprint & Drapery

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season two: Battle Pass Breakdown

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance

Fortnite Chapter 3 Flavour 2: Resistance Patch Notes

Epic Games Ukraine Pledge

Fortnite: Epic Games to Pledge Proceeds from March twenty to Apr 3 to Ukraine

Fortnite Org Team New Historic period Partners With French Football Squad Paris Saint-Germain

Fortnite x Doctor Who

Fortnite 10 Doctor Who Artistic Map Revealed With Gratis TARDIS Spray

Fortnite x Doctor Strange

Fortnite 10 Doctor Strange Confirmed Ahead of Chapter iii Season 2 Release

ESTNN compiles storyline beats, theories and leaks ahead of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite Affiliate 3 Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Fortnite Affiliate three Flavour 2 Wish List

Fortnite Hotfix v19.40

Fortnite Hotfix v19.40 – Bargain Bin Week Returns, Discounted Items & Quests

Fortnite: Malibuca Wins Solo Greenbacks Cup Despite Russian Restrictions

Three Fortnite characters pose together with a blue, purple and pink gradient over them and the background.

Fortnite: Ballsy bans Russian residents from cash tournaments

Fortnite Introduces New Lightning Loving cup with Unique Formats

Credit - https://twitter.com/FN_Assist/status/1501597140686188544?s=20&t=V6v0mQUIugulkbRXKfDYKA

Fortnite x Tiny Tina’south Wonderlands: How to unlock Diamond Pony Glider

Fortnite: NRG Grady Rains to host April LAN featuring top players & FNCS winners

The promotional image for the PlayStation Fortnite Cup shows a Fortnite character next to the sillhouette of a trophy with the PlayStation controller buttons emblazoned on its front

Fortnite $100K Duos PlayStation Cup: Format, Prize Breakdown & More

Fortnite Hotfix v19.40: Avian Ambush Week & Quests for XP

Fortnite Celebrates Women with Free Item Store Rewards, Creative Hub & More

League of Legends champion Jinx flies through a broken wall shooting a laser Gatling gun with Fortnite characters watching her.

Fortnite Concept Royale 2022: How to take your Art Featured In-Game

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter iii Flavor 1 Finals Recap & Results

Fortnite players Bugha and Mero with the FNCS champion's axe between them

Fortnite: Bugha & Mero 3-Peat every bit FNCS Champions

A holographic version of the FNCS logo appears against a grey background

Fortnite FNCS Chapter iii Season one Finals: Day One Recap & Results

FNCS Finals NA East

Fortnite FNCS Affiliate 3 Season ane Finals: NA East Preview & Predictions

Fortnite: FNCS Winner Kami Joins Become Legends

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Europe Preview

Fortnite FNCS Chapter iii Flavour i Finals: Europe Preview & Predictions

How to watch FNCS C3:S1 Finals

Fortnite: How to Watch FNCS Chapter iii Season i Finals & Earn Twitch Drops

Epic Games has acquired music company Bandcamp

Epic Games Acquires Net Music Visitor Bandcamp

Ezio Auditore is heading to Fortnite Battle Royale according to leaks.

Fortnite Leaks Reveal Planned Assassin’s Creed Collaboration

Patch v19.40 in Fortnite brings Amazing Web Week

Fortnite Patch v19.40: Astonishing Web Week, New Quests & More than

Twitch streamer NickEh30 entertains the world with a crazy Fortnite elimination

Fortnite: NickEh30 Delivers “I in a Million” Bow & Arrow Elimination

Fortnite 19.40 release time and server reanimation

Naomi Osaka Cup

Fortnite Naomi Osaka Loving cup: How to Win a Free Skin & Spray

Epic Games reveals Naomi Osaka as the latest Icon Series member

Fortnite: Tennis Star Naomi Osaka to Join Icon Series March 3

FNCS Chapter 3, Season 1 Qualifier Results

Fortnite FNCS Affiliate 3 Season 1 Semi-Finals: Consummate Epitomize & Results

Tracy Trouble joins Fortnite Crew

Fortnite Coiffure: Tracy Trouble Revealed every bit Exclusive March Skin

ESTNN previews the NA East FNCS C3S1 Semi-Finals

Fortnite FNCS Chapter three Flavour ane: NA East Semi-Finals Preview & Predictions

Fortnite: NRG Re-Signs Clix, Adds Two-Time FNCS Champ Deyy

Tfue and Ninja unite for a star-studded Fortnite stream

Ninja & Tfue Squash the Beef, Combine for Epic Fortnite Stream

ESTNN previews the EU FNCS Semi-Finals

Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Flavor one: European union Semi-Finals Preview & Predictions

Could competitive Fortnite appear on LAN at TwitchCon this summer?

TwitchCon Returns In-Person This Summertime, Could Fortnite Exist Adjacent?

Cody “Clix” Conrod stands outside against a pale blue sky, looking back over his shoulder with a smile

Fortnite Star “Clix” Leaves NRG

Ninja and SypherPK tease competing in Fortnite tournaments

Fortnite: Ninja Teases Render to Competitive with SypherPK

Bownanza Week in Fortnite arrives

Fortnite Bownanza Week: Bows Return with Quests for XP

A clip of the "Flying Car Aimbot" shows the in-game vehicle the Titano Mudflap soaring above the map

Fortnite: Flying Automobile Hacker Infects EU Duos Greenbacks Cup

Voidd Fortnite

Fortnite Pro Calls Father “Unsupportive” on Twitter, His Mother Responds

Ninja found himself the butt of some lighthearted trolls as stream snipers spelled out Mixer in the sky

Fortnite Stream Snipers Troll Ninja with ‘Mixer’ Structure

FNCS Chapter 3, Season 1 Qualifier Results

Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Flavor 1 Qualifiers: Consummate Recap & Results

NPC Duel Feature Image

Fortnite: How to Defeat Mancake, Ronin or Shanta in a Duel

Fortnite: Bugha, Clix Miss Pivotal FNCS Match, Epic Chooses not to Replay

Drake's Map

Fortnite Drake’southward Map: Where to Find & How to Use

Fortnite Creator Ranger Wins 1000 Crowned Victory Royales

Fortnite Creator “Ranger” Reaches 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales

Fortnite x Uncharted

Fortnite x Uncharted: How to Unlock Nathan Drake & Chloe Frazier

Fortnite: Smash to Produce all FNCS Events in 2022


Fortnite FNCS Chapter iii Season one: NA Duos to Lookout man For

FNCS C3S1 Europe

Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Flavor i: European Duos To Lookout For

Nathan "Nayte" Berquignol joins Team Vitality ahead of the next Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite: Former FNCS Champion ‘Nayte’ Joins Team Vitality

Some examples of the available skins and sprays in the Fortnite x NBA 75 CollabTeams

Fortnite x NBA 75 Collab Celebrates All-Star Game

Malibuca Fortnite

Fortnite: Malibuca Destroys Solos Cash Cup Point Tape

A flat icon of a video game controller, similar to the Xbox's design, appears against a blue background. The Fortnite logo appears in the top left corner.

Fortnite Patch v19.30: Gyro Controls, Game Mode Option & More

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 promo image feature Twitch Drops

Fortnite: How to Watch FNCS Affiliate iii Flavor i & Earn Twitch Drops

Fortnite's Stoneheart Trials event brings three new rewards to players

Fortnite Stoneheart Trials: How to Register & Unlock Free Rewards

Fortnite NFT

Fortnite NFT Promoters Banned from Twitter

Fortnite Uncharted

Fortnite x Uncharted Collab Confirmed in Record Time

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